Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No Money, Mo Problems

"Hit with RICO
They repo
Your vee-hic-oh
Everything was all good just a week ago."
- Jay-Z, Dead Presidents

Ouch. The Miami Herald is reporting that the Miami-Dade Circuit Court has issued a warrant for Scott Storch's arrest because he owes over half a million dollars on the taxes for his more than $10 million mansion in South Beach.

If that wasn't bad enough, that same warrant was also issued because he owes tens of thousands of dollars in child support to a woman named Dalene Jennifer Daniel, who that same court in 2006 established as the mother of Storch's child, Jalen, the result of a one night stand.

Dalene? Jalen? Hmmmmmm. No comment.

The story goes on to say that Storch is nowhere to be found.

And to make matters worse, it seems that all the people he made hits for have stopped calling him. I can't remember the last hit produced by Scott Storch other than Chris Brown's 2005 song "Run It!"

Timbaland made a diss song about him saying, among other things, that Storch's musical skills were only relegated to the piano. And after a bitter exchange of words, Storch's former collaborator Christina Aguilera let the world know her feelings about Storch with her song called "F.U.S.S.," with the "S.S." standing for Scott Storch. I think you know what the "F.U. "stands for.

The New York Times in 2006 reported that the year before Storch had produced 80 songs for top acts, charging anywhere from $80,000 to $90,000 per song. And he is obviously collecting residuals from those songs that go on to greater success, including artist's endorsement deals.

So it's amazing to me that he owes any money at all. And I know all about the stereotype about people of Storch's ethnic persuasion but he made so much dough there has got to be another reason.

I know Storch is longing for his nice, chill days back in Philly as the keyboardist/piano man for The Roots...

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