Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Jersey Loses Again

While perusing the AP Daybook for New Jersey I came across a curious listing for an event scheduled for right now in Newark: a celebration of the end of the school year, called "Peace in Our Streets," headlined by none other than rapper The Game -- otherwise known as a proud gangbanging Blood who has made millions from violent raps that depict him as a gun-toting, weed-smoking womanizer with a big "N.W.A." tattoo on his chest.

And reported earlier today that Jersey City, also in New Jersey, decided against Jim Jones headlining its upcoming HIV Testing Day concert, citing Jones' lyrics -- filled with violent and sexual imagery -- as the one and only reason.

"Mr. Jones' lyrics speak of violence to women and police, of the drug trade and guns, and other activities that Mayor Healy could not endorse by sponsoring an event featuring Mr. Jones," City spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill said in a press release.

My question is who is making these decisions?

It's OK for The Game -- who produced and distributed his own DVD where he is seen recklessly playing with guns and plotting to stalk and harm 50 Cent -- to promote peace in the streets, but it's not OK for Jim Jones -- who's father's life ended at the hands of AIDS -- to promote AIDS awareness?

If one artist's lyrics are too harsh then anybody with knowledge of both artists can tell you that obviously the other artist has equally as damning lyrics.

Yet and still, for two cities in the same state that are less than six miles away from each other, this is a serious head-scratcher.

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