Monday, June 23, 2008

Heartbeat: Madonna vs. Pharrell & Nicole S

So it seems my secret Neptunes sources have blessed me with an alternate version of a Neptunes-produced track called "Heartbeat" from Madonna's new album Hard Candy.

The new version features Pharrell singing in an alarmingly extra high falsetto with the beautiful Nicole Scherzinger providing the backup vocals.

Both versions share the same lyrics.

I prefer the version with Pharrell and Nicole S just because the music, while very similar to Madonna's version, has much less of that European dance music feel to it that all but consumes Hard Candy.

I wonder how many more random Neptunes demo tracks are lying around the Star Trak studio with gems on them like this, the Res joint and the Latrelle song...

Which one is better? You be the judge.

Madonna - Heartbeat
Pharrell Williams feat. Nicole S - Heartbeat

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