Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy birthday, Nas!

Nas was busy on Sunday celebrating his 41st birthday in style, complete with a custom-made cake that matches his signature QB chain that was made infamous on the cover two very good albums that you might have heard of.

One Web site has ranked the gaudy piece of jewelry among the "greatest" in Hiphop.

The cake's baker must have agreed, as the confection is decorated with a ton of edible diamonds and frosting on the side that spells out "41st side," a nod to the notorious intersection of 41st Avenue and Vernon Blvd. in Queens immortalized on Illmatic, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary with a new documentary.

Take a look at the over-the-top cake below:

But God's Son abandoned the signifying chain for his born day celebration, opting instead for an all-black ensemble sans the baubles.

Maybe Sunday was a joint celebration for both his birthday and the fact that his contract that JAY Z signed him to is about to expire, since he apparently just finished his final Def Jam album.

Even one of Nas' sponsors got in on the act and sent him some warm wishes.

You already know he's sipping on some of that tonight, at the very least.

However, there's still that one nagging question that probably dogs Nas each time its [rightfully] asked of him: What's up with that long-rumored album entirely produced by DJ Premier?

The answer probably lies somewhere in Detox-ville, sadly enough.

Until either of those album drop, happy birthday, NaS!

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