Sunday, April 27, 2014

What does Ty Ty do other than go to Nets games?

Can you guess which one Ty Ty is in this picture?

Seriously. No shots fired, I'm just being curious here.

I've done a few Google searches to try to figure out what his deal is besides being besties with Jay, and all I can find is more of the above.

 Yep, that's him again on the right, hanging on to Jay and Bey's coattails for dear life.

OK, maybe he's not only at Nets games, as here he is sipping what is most likely Ace of Spades bubbly while getting cozy with Jay's prized signee, Rihanna.

It would seem Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith is nothing more than a professional man of leisure.

According to Jay, "Me and Ty Ty is like Pablo and Popeye," but I'm failing to see the correlation between the two sets of men. Furthermore, who's supposed to be Pablo and who's supposed to be Popeye? In Hiphop standards, I definitely wouldn't want to be the latter.

All I see is a guy who had the luck of being and staying friends with Jay.

Complex had some fun with some of the other Ty Ty references Jay has faithfully spit over the years.

Of course Ty Ty made a name for himself nearly a decade ago for pleading guilty to pepper-spraying R. Kelly while the alleged child molester performed on stage at Madison Square Garden.

Not exactly the most Pablo or even Popeye-like action, but it does show to a degree how far he'll ride for his big homie.

Still, it makes you wonder what Ty Ty has done (or hasn't done) that Bleek and Dame didn't (or did) do to remain in good standing with Hovito.

Fun fact: Dude is (or at least was at some point) apparently married to some random chick I went to college with. It's hard to figure out who's luckier -- she or him.

One thing is for sure -- from the outside looking in, Ty Ty is living the life. More power to him.

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