Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So, Diddy’s delivering this year's commencement speech at Howard?

This man is going to receive an honorary doctorate from Howard University and deliver its  commencement speech this year. Take that.

Look, normally I’m Puffy’s biggest advocate no matter what – from the car chase to smashing bottles of Champagne over someone’s head to bastardizing old 80’s tracks – but I can’t accept that arguably the best-known HBCU will reward someone who dropped out of college early with not only the privilege of addressing its graduates, but also with an honorary doctorate.

I mean, when did it become okay for a college to reward someone who dropped out of college?

Bill Gates and Harvard, you say?

This is true.

But it’s also true that Gates helped invent one of many products that are used for, among other purposes, furthering education.

Regardless, I can't remember the last time Bill Gates mocked somebody for not having as much money as he did. In fact, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has donated billions to needy causes.

I’m not sure that anything Puffy has been involved in besides his face-saving Daddy’s House charity does much in the realm of education.

I mean, for Christ’s sake, the man can’t even speak proper English, which, I’m guessing is an ideal that is promoted and upheld by Howard’s English department. Maybe Puff skipped that class.

Puffy gained his riches on the backs of his artists, who, for the most part, have all either died or gone to jail or fizzled out through his practice of offering shady contracts.

Puffy has also made his fortune promoting a not-very-flattering image of women – black women, in particular.

He frequently uses the N word and alludes to drug use in his music.

Again, I have no problem with any of that.

But much like Spelman took a stance against Nelly and his “Tip Drill” track, Howard University clearly should have a problem with it.

Alas, they clearly don’t.

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