Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why J. Cole Is Not a Priority to Jay-Z

 As if the lengthy delays after being touted as the next coming by Mr. Carter himself were not proof enough of J. Cole dangerously languishing in Game-like purgatory, it is becoming more and more apparent that Jay-Z has better things to do than foster the growth of his label's new jack rapper.

For starters, overnight J. Cole's debut album leaked more than a week in advance of its official release date.

Normally this wouldn't be such a big deal, except that his boss is fresh off releasing an album that he made sure did not leak by safeguarding the album, which was released through innovative exclusivity deals with retail major outlets.

So why then did Jay not ensure the same fate for his young signee?

We can only speculate since it's unlikely Jay will come out and say that he was on to the next one.

Never mind that Jay has released two albums since introducing the world to J. Cole more than two years ago, none of which feature the so-called lyrical prodigy.

Another reason we can suspect Jay wants to wash his hands of Mr. Cole? The lone song Cole has that features Jay is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Period.

Even Jay gave Bleek and Amil hot tracks to feature him on, but Jay clearly was contractually obligated to contribute one verse to Cole, and that's what he did. It just so happens that verse was lackluster.

This time around Jay is lyrically 'Kanye shrugging,' trying to rid himself of the dead weight that is J. Cole.

Oh, and did I mention it's an unimaginative song title about a trite, stale topic?

I wish J. Cole all the luck in the future. He clearly has a fan base who swears by him, but after listening to the album I have a feeling those fans, much like Jay, will also be on to the next one.

On a related note, I fear the same thing will happen to Jay's other "J" signee, Jay Electronica, who is taking even longer than J. Cole to release a single. Coincidence?

In Jay Electronica's case, I surely hope not.

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daxdev said...

At a certain point you have to wonder if part of Jay-Z's genius lies in his ability to see his rivals before they emerge, absorb them then destroy their careers so they never actually rise up to challenge him. Kanye, of course, is an exception ... or not. It could just be that Kanye operates in such a uniquely distinct place that he never has or will threaten Jay.

Good piece.