Tuesday, May 10, 2011

With elmatic, eLZhi [Re]creates a Classic

eLZhi is back with the highly anticipated elmatic, his ode to rapper NaS’s flawless 18-year old debut album.

Producer Will Sessions flips every beat from the classic Illmatic, and each new version is carries with it a distinctly different feel from the original, thanks in part to eLZhi's ridiculous rhyming ability.

And after announcing that he was “doing this without a record deal,” eLZhi gets right down to business on his version of Genesis, easily kicking lyrics over and over that just ooze with clever wordplay:

As far as spittin bars I'm on the level with the stars,
Devil tried to tempt me with the bezel and the cars
But I’m too swift with the true gift,
I knew if I put a line down you’d sniff.

Rightfully so, eLZhi’s verses are very much NaS-esque, down to the voice, flow and style of rhymes. But then again I suppose that’s the point of the project in the first place.

The only other rapper to join him on elmatic is fellow Detroiter Royce Da 5’9, who plays AZ to eLZhi’s NaS on his interpretation of Life’s a Bitch.

And in case some of you forgot the particulars surrounding eLZhi’s controversial ouster from Slum Village – the group that he was recruited to join after his mentor J Dilla quit – El takes some time out to address that situation on an unofficial bonus track called Verbal Intercourse 2, a nod to the official first installment of the song on the “purple tape” that featured NaS.

9th Wonder affiliate and noteworthy producer in his own right KHRYSIS!!! also [unofficially] remixes eLZhi’s Detroit State of Mind, featuring another 9th disciple, Sean Boog of The Away Team.

Both tracks are dope, but both were not released with the mixtape. So check them out below.

And check out the mixtape, available for free digitally.


DETROIT STATE OF MIND PT. II (Feat. Sean Boog & DJ Flash)

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