Friday, May 20, 2011

Racks on Racks: The Guilty Pleasure Edition

My latest musical obsession ironically makes me cower in shame while at the same time uncontrollably and violently bopping my head with that stupid, wide-eyed, grinning visage favored by many of those down south, trill, trapping rappers.

YC (an abbreviation for the name Yung Chris, which is, coincidentally, the same name as another, more talented rapper...) is a baby-faced rapper from Atlanta with a serious summer anthem on his hands, gaining more and more momentum as the warmer months draw closer.

And like every effective rap anthem, Racks conveniently comes complete with its own dance.

The song reminds me of my guilty pleasure from a couple of summers back, so it's no doubt Racks and YC will be a one-hit wonder. Regardless, I'm enjoying this while I can. I suggest you do the same.

And true to the nature of hit rap songs, Racks is starting to see its fair share of other rappers recording their own verses for the track for unofficial remixes. The first that I heard was from Memphis Bleek, but the latest is from Wiz Khalifa, who sounds surprisingly improved in terms of his [traditionally simplistic] style of rhyming:

G.O.O.D. Music up-and-comers Big Sean and CyHi The Prince are supposed to be releasing their "remix" of Racks in the near future, but I wonder if anybody can truly take over the song and make it theirs much like what Lil' Wayne did with Swag Surfin from his popular No Ceilings mixtape.

My guess is there will be at least ten more of these remixes before the summer ends, so check back for the post on who's Racks "remix" reigns supreme.

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