Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Video: Nice & Smooth -- No Delayin'

Yes, you read correctly.

This is the official music video for a song from Nice & Smooth's 21 year old self-titled debut album, which has more than a few classic tracks on it.

In fact, in my opinion, No Delayin' was the best song on the album. An instant classic that stayed on repeat in my tape deck.

The duo never released the song as a single but it was a radio mix show mainstay just off of its simple looped piano and drums, and of course Teddy Ted's scratching section. You know what I'm sayin? (Only true Nice & Smooth fans will understand that one...)

The song sampled Big Daddy Kane's legendary "awww yeah" from the intro to Ain't No Half Steppin, so it's a pleasant surprise to see Kane get his proper respect via a cameo in the video.

More groups that are classified as old school should take a page from Nice & Smooth's book and release official videos for their classic album cuts that were overshadowed by more popular [and arguably not as good] singles.

Can you imagine if Big Daddy Kane in 2011 released an official video for Young Gifted and Black. Everybody else has jacked that song, so why shouldn't Kane bring it back too?

Or what if Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick finally shot a video for La Di Da Di?

Or if EPMD could put aside their differences long enough to shoot a video for one or all of the signature "Jane" installments.

The possibilities are limitless, but so is the doubt I have that this concept will ever catch on with so-called old school rappers. Too bad.

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