Monday, January 24, 2011

Hiphop Sports Anthems: The Black and Yellow Version

First there was the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Then came We Fly High (Ballin'), the unofficial theme song for the New York Giants' 2008 Super Bowl championship team.

And now, following in the established tradition of Hiphop songs fueling a professional sports team to a championship berth, there is Black and Yellow, the once-underground and now undeniable mainstream hit song that is also the adopted anthem for the Pittsburgh Steelers' 2010-11 season.

The song's rapper, Wiz Khalifa, was yesterday standing tall in Heinz Field helping to usher in the Steelers' latest AFC championship by performing in front of more than 66,000 fans his now classic Pittsburgh ditty prior to kickoff.

In an ironic twist Jets fans made their own version of the song -- called White and Green -- complete with a music video starring some weirdo in a Revis jersey who is probably still crying his eyes out in frustration today.

Hell, even Fabolous tried to get in on the fun and flip the song in favor of his preferred sports team -- the Yankees -- which, like the Jets, failed to attain their set goal of a league championship.

There's always next season.

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