Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Game Disses Jay-Z

Well, after throwing subliminal jabs at the Jiggaman for more than a few years, rapper The Game has finally come out and refernced Jay's name in a disrespectful fashion during an interview on a California radio station.

Perfect timing considering Game's new album is due out in a couple of weeks. Game is trying his best to bait Jay into a back and forth diss war that will only help his album sell, and since we all know how much smarter Jay is than these average rap cats, I'm pretty positive Jay will have nothing to say to Game until Jay's album is scheduled to be released.

But still, Game went all out on the interview when asked about Jay:

"I’m too disrespectful for Jay-Z, I go to hard. His beef is mediocre beef, it’s more swag and less hardcore. Me, I go in on your grandma, your kids and your will get ugly and I don’t mind. I have a whole coast to back me. My coast will turn their backs on whoever I beef with. So basically, let me commit suicide because I’m the only cat to commit suicide and resurrect every time. So for Jay to say that about me, that’s cool man because that’s Jay-Z and I’m just lil ol Game. But if you fuck with me I’ll turn to a beast, and ill rip ya head off..bust ya lipsturn the Roc-A-Fella sign, into a pee stain.

I can be a fan of Jay and still rip him limb from limb and still be a fan. After I finish him off, I’m still going to listen to Reasonable Doubt afterwards. I’ll kiss Jay goodbye with his own lips. I’m going to make him mad enough to where he has to say something."

The thing is I actually semi-side with Game on this one.

Jay doesn't really rhyme about guns or hardcore street life anymore, whereas that is right up Game's alley. The last time Jay got really gully in a diss song he went too far talking about leaving used condoms in NaS's baby seat after he banged Carmen, NaS's baby's mother. And he lost a lot of respect for that rhyme too.

Not to mention I think Jay has lost it. Just a bit, but it's noticeable. Or maybe he needs to start writing his rhymes again and stop going off the top of the head in the booth.

Whatever the deal is, Jay didn't sound very fluid on Jeezy's "Put On" remix, and his new song "Jockin Jay-Z" suffers from the same malady, among others.

I have a feeling Game noticed the same thing and decided now was the right time to stage his preemptive strike, however passive aggressive it really is -- don't you love how he said he'd turn the Roc-a-Fella chain into a pee stain and then in the very next breath said he'll always be a fan of Jay? Classic hypocritical rapper.

Meanwhile several songs from Game's new album have leaked, and none are really all that appealing. So I guess I can't blame Game for trying to rummage up all the support and attention he can before the entire album leaks and it is no longer a secret how bad his album is.

Here's a video of Game talking about his new album followed by a live performance.

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