Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pharrell Talks Madonna, Common, Solo Album

A recent interview with Pharrell uncovered a few gems I had no idea about.

After intially dismissing the influence of drum n' bass on the new N*E*R*D album, Pharrell finally admits it in reference to Common's new album, of which the majority will be produced by the Neptunes:

"We kept talking about going in the studio for two years straight. We had done "Come Close" a couple of years ago, but he said he wanted to go back in and work together. We finally we scheduled it and it was just magical. He was into where I was going...

I was annoyed by D&B when I was young. You have to think about it, what could we do more energetic than Lapdance. So we had to speed up the BPMs so we took it to 140!"
About working with Madonna and him making her cry in the studio:

"We really collaborated and she pushed me harder and harder and harder. At first it frustrated me cos I'd never been demanded around like that, but after a while, I got used to it and it made me be even more efficient than I would normally be. I learned a lot. I thought I was a workaholic before -- now I'm a workaholic."
On his situation with The Clipse, which is rumored to be on the rocks:

"All is good, we're family."
One thing that surprised me was his answer when asked if he was disappointed with the reception of his solo album:

"In hindsight, I realised that it should have been a compilation with a bunch of artists, rather than just me. Once I did a couple of shows I was like 'Uh-uh, this ain't working.' So I let it go. The energy just wasn't right."
He also touches on CRS. Check it out here.

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