Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shaq to Kobe: Tell Me How My Ass Tastes!

Anybody who knows anything about rap music knows that Shaq is a true Hiphopper, representing for the culture any and every chance he gets.

6 albums, two platinum and two gold. That's better than many established rappers's careers.

So it was no surprise to find Shaq live on stage freestyling the other night. What was a surprise, however, was when, during his freestyle, he came out and dissed Kobe for not being able to win an NBA title without him. That was a jab. Shaq was only warming up.

A few bars later Shaq goes for the KO blow when he rapped that Kobe snitched on him and is the reason why he's getting a divorce. Shaq also denied in the rhyme that he ever paid his would-be mistresses to remain silent about their trysts.

The crowd can't believe what they're hearing when Shaq encourages them to sing along with the hook that he creates on the spot for this impromptu song: "Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes!" By the end of his rhyme, he has the whole crowd singing the hook all on their own. Even the irrelevant and random rapper Corey Gunz can be seen on stage next to Shaq having a good laugh at Kobe's expense.


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