Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kobe to the Rescue... Again

Once again if it wasn't for Kobe Bryant the Lakers would have lost.

Where is Lamar Odom?
Where is Derek Fisher?
Where is Pau Gasol?
Where is Radmanovic?

The only person besides Kobe who stepped up last night was Sasha "The Slovenian Shooter" Vujacic, who knows no fear whatsoever. Last night that reckless abandonment that he plays with was an asset and not the liability every Lakers fan knows it can be at crucial moments.

But like Leon Powe, Vujacic won't step up like that every night. The Lakers need the next two games to make it a competitive series. Not to mention they're both home games, so they should win them. But they looked shaky last night, and that's an understatement.

I still hold true to my prediction of Lakers in 6.

And for good measure I'm adding this song -- Laker's Theme -- by Snoop Dogg and Kurupt (the beat was done by Snoop's producing alter ego N*ggerachi) during which they both extol the greatness of Kobe and his co-workers.

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