Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jayson Blair He is Not

London's Times Online is reporting that a Macedonian journalist committed several murders and then reported on them for his paper, Utrinski Vesnik.

But these weren't just murders. They were grisly, demented murders of a sexual nature.

The Times Online reports:

Vlado Tanesvski, from Macedonia, is accused of raping and torturing four elderly women before strangling them with a telephone cable, wrapping their mutilated naked bodies in plastic bags and dumping them at various waste disposal sites. He then visited the victims’ homes to interview their families for his reports and kept close contacts with detectives and prosecutors working on the case.

“The victims were killed with a monstrous brutally. Their bodies were butchered with knives and their skulls were shattered. He would insert blunt objects in their genitalia, in once case it was a bottle of after-shave,” Ivo Kotevski, a police spokesman in the former Yugoslav republic , told The Times.
If there is one silver lining to this story it is that unlike Mr. Tanesvski's DNA, there were no traces of plagiarism and that aside from actually committing the murders himself, the ethics of journalism seem to have been upheld.

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