Friday, June 20, 2008

2 New Hell Rell Songs

Hell Rell, one of my favorite rappers (who also happens to be one of if not the most scary-looking rappers ever) is setting up to release his second studio album, "Black Mask Black Gloves: The Ruga Edition." (Ruga refers to his AKA Ruga Rell, an allusion to his favorite firearm.)

Hell Rell is another of those bullying rappers I tend to show support for. He acts and talks so tough but with a face like his I doubt anybody is going to test him, so it's hard to determine out how real his words are. I do know he spent some time in prison, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

So far two tracks have leaked, and both are decent. The new album's artwork pales in comparison to the artwork from his first album, "For the Hell of It."

Hell Rell: Get Ready
Hell Rell: Think of a Problem

And for good measure here is one of my personal favorite Hell Rell rhymes, from the song "Yall Don't Want War" off the mixtape "Streets Wanna Know." It gives a way better description than I can of the type of person Hell Rell fancies himself as:

Yo, I went from, drastic measures to drug measures
Coke price high like my mom's blood pressure
Beatin' a n*gga half to death, that's a thug's pleasure
You up north writin' your girl all types of love letters
'Baby when I get out, me and the streets is through
When I come home it's just about me and you.'
I'm in the cell next to you like, 'you sucka for love!'
When I get out I'mma pump me some drugs
Recruit me some thugs
Have these n*ggas pitchin' in the streets
So hungry they got saliva drippin' from they teeh
And yeah I'm feedin' 'em so they can listen to me
You stick a n*gga up, we call it fishin' in the sea.
We use a b*tch for the bait
Throw her in the water
Wait for a n*gga to hook her and then his ass is a goner
My life is based around bricks of marijuana
I teach these lil' n*ggas how to get rich on the corner."

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