Friday, May 30, 2008

Weezy is Addicted to Syrup

smh, look at the driver's expression...

looks like the syrup buzz just kicked in...

These above pictures -- along with his recent diatribe condemning mixtapes, DJs, and mixtape DJs -- are proof enough that Wayne needs to slow down on the syrup before he goes to sleep and never wakes up (which according to an MTV interview he's not afraid of happening...). An excerpt from that interview follows:

"Let me do me. Everybody's got their thing," he continued with frustration. "Why focus on me? Don't compare me to no one. Don't compare me to no one who has passed, and why they passed. I can walk out this b---h right now and get hit by a bus. Don't judge me. You wanna judge me, put on a black gown and get a gavel. Get in line with the rest of them that's about to judge me. I got court dates every other month. It's me against the world — that's how I feel."

Sadly I can see where he's coming from, considering we have rappers who unabashedly brag on wax about how much cocaine they can sniff and how many guns they own and use on a regular basis. To me those two things and way more deadly than syrup, although that too has been proven to be lethal in certain circumstances.

Either way I think instead of that Khaled song Brown Paper Bag Wayne needs to go all out and make a song called Styrofoam Cup of Syrup. Extra bonus points for Weezy if he uses T-Pain's voice box to highlight the beloved union that is Lil' Wayne and his favorite type of drinking vessel.

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